Introducing the power of Protandim NRF1, NRF2 and NAD

Cellworks is now home to Protandim, bringing the world’s best anti aging and bio hacking science to Auckland.

The key to increasing energy, reducing physical and mental stress, improving sleep, reducing pain and increasing overall healing lies within the building blocks your body – your cells.

At Cellworks we know that the future of optimising healthcare and anti aging goes beyond our usual understanding of health supplements and vitamins, balanced diet and exercise. Over the last couple of decades there has been unprecedented growth in the field of nutrigenomics, the study of the relationship between the human genome, nutrition and improving lifelong health.

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It is common to think of our genetics as being static, however the constant reproduction of cells within the human body impacts the expression of each person’s unique genetic code.

As the human body is exposed to environmental factors over a lifetime, the way each person feeds their cells has a dramatic impact on overall health. We interested, not in gene modification, but in activating the best genetic expression of our cells.

While we don’t treat disease, oxidative stress has been shown in multiple studies to be a major component in a wide range of disease processes that often are considered normal with age. This puts us at the cutting edge of anti aging science. By activating our own body’s different cellular protein pathways, we can reduce the negative impact of environmental factors on our cells and reduce oxidative stress.

 PubMed is one of the largest search engines for peer reviewed scientific and medical studies, trusted by academics and practising health professionals. The Library contains over 250,000 articles of research on the effects of oxidative stress on human heath. We are now beginning to understand the full and wide ranging effects of oxidative stress on aging and disease processes. Click here to see the PubMed results. 

Backed by over 27 peer reviewed scientific studies, including research from the American Heart Association and Harvard University – using Protandim showed a 40% decrease in oxidative stress over 30 days, and a 70% decrease over 60 days. We do not have the power to turn back the clock, but we do have the power to help our body perform at its best.

It is also approved for use by the World Anti-Doping agency and the National College Athletes Association (United States of America) for use by athletes. Every high performer knows how critical it is to maintain healthy inflammation levels, proper rest and energy, flexibility and joint health, and why it is so important to help our bodies recover. As we age, our bodies lose the resilience to bounce back quickly. Protandim is used by athletes to make the most of anti aging science to boost their performance. Helping a wide range of athletes perform at their best for as long as possible throughout their career.

However the incredible results of Protandim are not limited to those who are pushing their body to physical extremes everyday. These processes of declining cellular function affect the daily lives of all of us. It impacts the ability to get a good nights sleep and wake up feeling rested maintaining energy through out the day, our ability to think clearly and sharply, and how we maintain healthy inflammation levels which relates to the big disease processes we associate with aging.

At Cellworks we look at the total picture of health, but no matter what other changes we make to our environment including diet or exercise, no matter how many blueberries we eat, if the building blocks of our bodies are not functioning at their best – then our body isn’t going to be at its best. We are very excited to share with our patients across New Zealand this cutting edge science, so they they achieve the benefits of activating the best genetic expression of their cells. 



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