Dr Craig Walsham is interested in how we can live longer and increase performance. He is a specialises in understanding how nutrition, chiropractic adjustments, lifestyle and vitamin supplementation can combine to help us learn how to manage stress better and age vibrantly.


Dr Craig Walsham is a qualified West Auckland chiropractor, who specialises in performance and longevity. Since suffering from his own, unexpected heart attack at the age of 42 – Dr Craig has become passionate about combining his knowledge with the latest in diagnostic testing to help people improve heart health

To do this, the chiropractor has created Cellworks. Cellworks offers unique personalised health programmes that combine movement, chiropractic adjustments, nutritional supplementation and the latest in testing to address risk factors and offer practical solutions for improving health.

His mission is to help patients track their health progress while providing expert ongoing support so they can enjoy healthier retirement, manage busy professional lives, perform to their athletic best or successfully address their risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

A graduate of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, Dr Craig has a five-year degree in chiropractic but began his career as a coronary care nurse, graduating in 1989, before working in the geriatric ward of some of New Zealand’s busiest hospitals. It was during this time that he became inspired to want to help people age vibrantly.

Today, Dr Craig has post-graduate education in performance and longevity medicine, a certificate of neuroendocrine clinical analysis and is a certified Fitgenes practictioner.

He is a living, breathing example of his programmes and he has a strong desire to help improve people’s level of function through both Cellworks health programmes and chiropractic care.