Sphygmocor is now at Cellworks! We put together these six points to help you get to know the gold standard in heart health testing – 


1/  Sphygmocariography is derived from the Greek term Sphygmos for Pulse. The Sphygmocor technology measures the pulse wave that occurs when the heart beats and the effects that the wave has on the arterial system throughout the body including end organs.

2/ Normal brachial blood pressure using current technology only records the blood pressure in the arm. It is known that this can be anywhere from 20%-50% inaccurate and thus has limited clinical value.

3/ Sphygmocor (pulse wave analysis), because of its extremely sensitive sensors – these are the same sensors used when eye pressure is being gauged by Optometrists) – can pick up changes in the arterial system that are not monitored or checked by doing a normal brachial blood pressure check

3/ Because the Sphygmocor measures the pulse wave other factors, such as Arterial stiffness, can be calculated. 

4/ Arterial stiffness leads to hypertension (raised blood pressure) and hypertension can lead to Cardiovascular disease, left ventricular failure, Angina, Heart Attack, Stroke and even it is theorised plays a role in sudden death syndrome.

5/ Sphygmocor (pulse wave analysis) can identify changes such as artery stiffness 7-10 years before we would normally see changes in a Brachial blood pressure that would raise clinical concerns.

6/ Sphygmocor technology has proven to be incredibly accurate and repeatable with it’s results. The Sphygmocor is currently considered the gold standard when it comes to central blood pressure measurement by those undertaking research.  Over 1,000 research papers have been produced regarding the use of pulse wave analysis when measuring arterial function, the Sphygmocor is the go to control technology for this research.

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